Kanha National Park Best Refreshing With Recognizing Ideas

Welcome to Kanha National Park, One the best wildlife reserves in India. Kanha National Park is located in the Mandla and Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Spreading 1,940sq. Kms of deciduous woods, Savannah grassland, hills, and gentle meandering rivers – and home to over 200 tigers and leopards, 350 barasingha swamp deer and 22,000 seen deer and over 300 species of birds, Kanha is getting increasing attention from the tourists. No Indian Nature Reserve can guarantee tiger spotting like the Kanha National Park. In reality half of the tourists visit the park for those tigers only.

Kanha National Park came into Being in 1955 and has been announced as the Tiger Reserve in 1974, under Project Tiger. The central parts of the Kanha Valley were designated as the wildlife refuge in 1933. Kanha usually encounters the tropical climate. The summers here are hot with mercury levels varying between 40.6 degree centigrade to 23.9 degree centigrade. Summers here are hot and humid while winters are cool and pleasant. The temperature during winters ranges between 23.9 and 11.1 degree centigrade. However, the best time to visit Kanha National Park, is located between the month of April to June and November to January.

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Flora of Kanha National Park:

Kanha is possibly best known for the Southern tropical Moist Mixed Deciduous Forest and Southern Tropical dry Deciduous Mixed Forest types. Here you might discover broad sweeps of grassy rolling meadows or maidans. Kanha is predominately with the huge grasslands on the enormous plateaus. River Sukuma, Banjar and Nila irrigate the topography at this park. The slopes of the plateaus here are thickly covered with Bija, Haldu, Dhaora trees that stand along the long stretches of Ban-rahar, Bamboo and Sindhur tress. If you love photography, the park provides some bewitching views that are worth a click.

Fauna of Kanha National Park:

The national parks in india has several Various species of animals including the rare ‘twelve horned’ barasingh swamp deer, a couple of hiran black dollar, the omnipresent chital spotted deer and large number of tigers and leopards. Kanha is home to 22 species of mammals. Other big attractions of this include sloth bear, Indian wild dog, Indian wolf, gaur, sambar, nilgai, golden jackal, bengal fox, smooth cotted otter, striped hyena, Indian hare and a lot more. Aside from the creatures there are More than 200 species of birds which are found at the park. Some of the most important among them are battle egret, pond heron, black ibis, common peafowl, crested serpent, racket tailed drongo, hawk eagle and red-wattled lapwing; different species of flycatcher, woodpecker, pigeon, dove, parakeet, babbler and mynah, Indian roller, white-breasted kingfisher and grey hornbill.