Most recent Trends in Mangalsutras for a Telugu Wedding

The mangalsutra is the most significant of the five indications of conjugal status of a lady, the others being toe rings, kokum, bangles and a nose ring. In a Telugu Matrimonial the ‘pustelu’ is likewise alluded to as ‘thaali’, ‘thaaly’, ‘maangalyam’ or ‘mangalsutram’.

Customary Mangalsutras: The conventional mangalsutra comprises of dark globules hung on a gold string. Telugu ladies wear two thaalis. One is a plain gold chain with a semi-roundabout pendant while the other is a chain with dark dots. The more seasoned age Telugu ladies decided to add some gold consistently to their unique mangalsutra; the expanded length and weight of which would show the number of years they had been hitched.

Customary Designs: The plan of the mangalsutra in a Telugu Matrimonial shifts from one family to another. In Shivite families the plan of the tulasi goddess is featured while some have the Shiva lingam. For Vaishnavites the plan comprises of U or Y design thiruman (tilak) with sanku and chakram on the two sides. There are various types of these adornments called Pottuthaali, Lakshmi thaali, Kumbhathaali, Elathaali and so on

Present day Trends: With changing occasions and fluctuating requirements of ladies the idea of wearing the customary mangalsutra has gone through a ton of progress, Nowadays one can track down an emotional change in the style and make of the mangalsutras. The present day mangalsutra is all the more a design explanation than an image of marriage. Only occasionally does a functioning lady wear a mangalsutra over her polished matching suit. The pattern is to wear short, smooth and single string mangalsutras with or without a pendant. A few ladies attempt to coordinate the mangalsutra with the kind of garments and other gems embellishments worn by them.

Precious stone Mangalsutras: It is the fantasy of each lady to possess a mangalsutra with a staggering Jewellery pendant. Cast in platinum and white gold a Jewellery mangalsutra is an exceptionally well known decision and gives the lady of the hour a ladylike touch. Plans differ from perfect Jewellery pendants to unpredictably planned filigree work studded with Jewellery and valuable stones like rubies and emeralds.

Layered Chains: Nowadays two layered chains beaded with gold balls and dark dots is a recent fad, A 22 carat gold mangalsutra planned with point by point filigree examples and elective gold and dark dots in a twofold layered style is particularly stylish.